Payments Processing

Digital invoicing for construction contractors and subcontractors

Have you ever had to be on the waiting side of a past due invoice? We have too. It’s a challenging situation, because you need to apply the right amount of pressure to get paid without stressing the relationship with your customer. Thankfully, at Solvit, we have solved this dilemma for you with Solvit Invoicing.

Start accepting credit cards
for construction jobs

The biggest concern for most construction contractors about accepting digital payments are the credit card processing fees. We get it. Paying 2.9% of all of your income towards processing fees is a significant expense, one that cannot be ignored. However, if you have ever pushed expenses onto a credit card because you are waiting for that big check to come through, then you know that you are accepting high-interest debt over relatively low cost for processing cards.

Let’s compare the costs:

Let’s say your customer owes you $10,000, and you need to buy $10,000 worth of construction materials for your next job.

Without accepting cards

If you put \$10,000 on a credit card with a 20% interest rate and don’t start paying it off for a year, you will owe \$12,194 by the time you start making payments.

With accepting cards

If you accept a credit card payment at 2.9% (our fees are often lower), you will pay a one-time fee of \$580 and have the remaining money in your pocket.

Wouldn’t you rather that your customer takes on credit card debt instead of you?

Protect your relationship with your customer

If your customer can pay you using their desired payment method, that will make life easier on them. They might not have enough cash on hand to pay you what they owe you, but if they can pay with a card, they are more likely to pay. That saves you from having to hassle them about the money that they owe you, and protects your relationship as a result.

Solvit Invoicing allows you to quickly send a digital invoice to your customer and let them select their desired payment method. Giving your customers options is a great way to keep them happy, and happy customers are likely repeat customers. This also helps to avoid the worst situation of all: the customer that owes you but cannot afford to pay you, so they hire someone else for the next job hoping to pay you with the profits from the new job. Nobody wants that. Start accepting credit cards and make life easier on everyone!

Surcharging is the key to getting the best of both worlds

Solvit Surcharging allows you to pass a designated portion of the credit card processing fees on to your customers while still offering a no-fee debit card option if the fees are a problem for them. That way, if a credit card is more convenient for them, they can choose to cover the cost of that convenience instead of passing it on to you. Do you really want to pay for your customers’ flyer miles after all?

Here is how Solvit Surcharging works:

Debit Cards

If they pay $100 on a debit card, you receive $98.50 in your account.

Your Customer’s Fee: 0%

Your fee: 1.25% + $0.25

Credit Cards

If they pay $100 on a credit card, you receive $100 in your account.

Your Customer’s Fee: 4%

Your fee: 0%

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Create an eCommerce Site for Free

Do you want to start selling your products online? The world was already on a trajectory towards a larger online economy, and the events of 2020 have kicked this transformation into hyperdrive. Hopefully brick and mortar retail businesses, restaurants, and bars can go back to processing more payments in person soon, but all of the experts are convinced that the eCommerce-heavy economy is here to stay. Solvit is here to help you adapt and start selling online with Solvit eCommerce – the complete eCommerce platform.

For most business owners, the task of moving some or all of their business online is daunting, but for customers using Solvit eCommerce, the process is fast, simple and effective.

Solvit eCommerce is a Turnkey eCommerce Solution

Solvit eCommerce is ready to start selling from day 1. Most eCommerce solutions are nothing more than an empty store that you have to configure from the ground up. As a result, most new eCommerce store owners spend the first couple of years figuring out the ins and outs of running an eCommerce store, which results in a costly trial and error effort that cuts into the time that you can spend running the other parts of your business.

Unlike the other eCommerce platforms on the market, Solvit gives you a solution that includes payment processing, shipping services, content and product integration, and theme configuration. You can literally sign up, hand us a product list and company logo, and we can take care of the rest.

Here are a few of our favorite Solvit eCommerce features:

Integrated Payments Processing platform

New eCommerce store owners quickly realize that most eCommerce platforms are not immediately ready to start accepting payments. You generally have to pick a payments processor, install a gateway, configure the gateway, perform checkout testing, and then launch. This process only serves to pull you away from running your business and leave you learning new industry lingo and undertaking a fairly technical process by trial and error.

Solvit eCommerce ships with payments processing integrated into the platform, so once you have access to your store, you are already ready to start selling.

Content and Product Integration Services

Prefer to just have Solvit set up your store for you? We can do that! Save yourself the headache of organizing and optimizing images, configuring product descriptions and categories, configuring product variants, etc, and have Solvit populate your store so that you can start selling right away.

Integrated Shipping Solutions

The vast majority of eCommerce store owners do not have a plan in place for how they are going to ship their product to their customers, and are forced to figure it out on the spot when their store is about ready to launch. To help eCommerce store owners skip the hassle of reinventing the wheel, Solvit eCommerce comes ready-to-ship with two primary shipping options:

Self-Shipping: Our built-in software will print shipping labels for new orders, charge you the correct postage, and make it easy to handle your shipping services internally.

3PL (Third Party Logistics) Shipping: We have partnered with a third party logistics company that will store your product for you, package it, ship it out to customers, and receive returns / reintegrate them into your inventory. All you have to do is focus on selling!

Customer Relations Management (CRM) Integration

If you want to be successful in the eCommerce industry, you have to compete for customers. A CRM allows you to create an email marketing list with emails gathered during checkout, dramatically increasing the opportunity for repeat business. It also allows you to follow up on abandoned carts, or customers who filled their shopping cart but never checked out. This is a great way to try to bring a customer back onto your store and get them to complete the checkout process.

Want to see the full feature list for Solvit eCommerce?

There is so much more that Solvit eCommerce offers than what is listed on this post. We would love to show you some of the coolest features by getting you set up with your free store! If you are interested in setting up your store or learning more, follow one of the links below:

New Solvit Website Launched!

We are excite to announce that, a merchant services site selling eCommerce, digital invoicing, credit card terminals, and payment processing is now live. Our new site makes it easy for visitors and customers to easily access information about our products and services, create and manage their account, and get in touch with our sales and support teams with ease. Check out some information about our product line below:

Solvit eCommerce

Solvit eCommerce is built from the ground up to offer a complete, turnkey eCommerce option for business owners who are looking to start selling online quickly and efficiently, while providing a robust shopping experience for customers. Most eCommerce platforms ship as a configurable product, leaving the business owner stuck solving routine eCommerce challenges on their own, but Solvit eCommerce ships as a ready-to-sell turnkey online store.

Solvit Invoicing

In today’s business world, offering digital invoicing is a must. Unlike many invoicing solutions on the market, Solvit Invoicing is built to be easy to use and focused on the primary goal – quickly creating and submitting invoices so that you can get paid electronically in minutes. Solvit Invoicing also offers PCI-compliant credit card storage, so that you can keep card information on file for returning customers. It is perfect for freelancers, contractors, wellness practitioners, hair stylists, and more.

Solvit Smart Terminal

The Solvit Smart Terminal is a modern touchscreen payments terminal with wireless and 4G-LTE connectivity, a built-in receipt printer, and a variety of built-in and optional payment methods. Take payments at the counter, on the road, or at the table using the a chip reader, contactless, ApplePay, and GooglePay payment options.

Beyond these three flagship products, Solvit will also be announcing the launch of our surcharging platform, self-order kiosks, and other business tools design to modernize your business platform overnight. To speak with our sales team about our product offerings and how we can custom-tailor a solution package for your business, visit our contact page!