Solvit Success Stories: Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants

Few industries have been hit as hard by the pandemic as the restaurant industry. With in-person dining options limited or entirely suspended, many restaurant owners have implemented restaurant online ordering systems. For Eden East, the solution was to temporarily pivot from their community dining farm to table business to selling fresh vegetable and seasonal herbs on their eCommerce website, giving their regular customers a way to safely support their favorite local restaurant and a steady revenue stream to help keep them afloat during the transitional period.

eCommerce for Restaurants

In the past several years, the purpose of eCommerce has been completely reimagined. Restaurant owners have gotten creative, and asked the simple question, “what if eCommerce could serve as a restaurant online ordering system?” The antiquated systems of old required extraordinarily complex configurations to enable timely kitchen order printing, but modern eCommerce platforms like Solvit eCommerce can easily be configured to connect with our kitchen display systems. Its a fast, streamlined solution for restaurants that are looking to add custom delivery services through their own platform.

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Product Upsells and Gift Cards for Restaurant eCommerce

Three of the best things that you can do as an eCommerce business owner is to leverage product add-ons, gift cards, and abandoned cart emails. Eden East offers at least two out of three of these services, allowing them to do things like offer “Dinner for Two” gift options and to add unique add-ons like Rose Honey. This allows them to maximize each order placed on the site, which is brilliantly effective way to make sure that you are not selling yourself short. Kudos to Eden East!

What about when things go back to “normal?”

At Solvit, we believe that “normal” is an ever-changing condition, especially as it pertains to technology and global markets. We understand the state of flux that we are all in, and we anticipate many of these changes finding a permanent home in our economy. First among those is the importance of free eCommerce websites, online payments, and specifically – online ordering systems for restaurants – are at the top of this list. The businesses that succeed in post-COVID America will likely be those that stayed creative during the pandemic, the businesses that found new revenue streams through eCommerce, safety for employees with self-order kiosks, convenience through digital invoice software, reduced expenses with compliant surcharging, and streamlined checkout with smart payment terminals.

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