Solvit + Sliced Invoices Gateway

Solvit Surcharging is a fully compliant surcharging program that allows you to save 60-90% on payment processing costs.

Compatible with:

  • Solvit Invoicing
  • Solvit eCommerce
  • Solvit Smart Terminal

Customers always have a no fee payment option by using their debit card

Debit Cards

If they pay $100 on a debit card, you receive $98.50 in your account.

Your Customer’s Fee: 0%

Your fee: 1.25% + $0.25

Credit Cards

If they pay $100 on a credit card, you receive $100 in your account.

Your Customer’s Fee: 3.5%

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Your fee: 0%

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Solvit Surcharging is perfect for:


Reduce the expenses on large projects while giving your customers convenient payment options.

Auto Mechanics

Your customers come to you because of the quality of your service, but you are ultimately losing out on critical revenue when customers pay by credit card.

Government Entities

Solvit Surcharging works great in situations where payers are not looking to price match products, as is the case with government payments.

Legal Services

More of your clients are going to be paying digitally than ever before – don’t let that expense come as a burden to you.

Medical Providers

Customers with HSA debit cards can still avoid fees, while you avoid paying for your patient’s flyer miles.


Utility customers have come to expect a fee for credit card payments, but with Solvit Surcharging you give them an option to avoid the fee by using a debit card.

Full Solvit Surcharging Feature List

  • Fully compliant surcharge program
  • Only available in states that allow surcharging.
  • You pass on your 3.5% – 4% cost of processing credit cards.
  • Clients can use their debit card to not pay an additional fee.
  • You pay a low, flat rate on all debit cards (1%+$0.25/per transaction)
  • We register you with the card brands so you don’t have to (required to surcharge).
  • Fully Integrated with an eCommerce Platform, Smart Terminal and Retail POS.
  • Available in person or online.
  • All necessary disclosures provided to make sure your clients are properly notified.
  • Saves your business 60%-90% of your current processing fees.
  • Gives your customers the flexibility to pay how they want.
  • Always a no-fee payment option for your client if they choose to pay with a debit card.
  • Saves your business a considerable expense to help fuel profitability and growth

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