Solvit Success Stories: Payments Solutions for Therapists and Counselors

HIPAA-compliant online payments have allowed counselors, psychologists, and therapists to take an important step towards providing mental health services to patients across the globe. In this article we would like to introduce Inkblot, a Toronto-based virtual mental health service that has made waves during the trials and tribulations of the pandemic, allowing patients to receive mental health services through their virtual platform, pay for healthcare services online, and ultimately access support from almost anywhere in the world.

2020 Put Mental Health to the Test

At Solvit, we are especially interested in promoting companies that have creatively utilized technology to address the most difficult challenges the human race has faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its no secret that the past year has been hard on everyone from a mental health perspective, and coupled with that has been reduced access to in-person mental health services.

The emergence of digital therapy services and telemedicine solutions has ushered in a new era of accessibility and privacy in the mental health profession. Solvit aims to provide reliable payments solutions for mental health services to compliment this emerging industry variation.

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Enter Canadian mental health company “Inkblot.”

Inkblot’s view is that, “mental health support doesn’t have to be expensive, intimidating, or impossible to access.” They offer virtual mental health services that allow patients to, “beat the stigma and receive affordable support, without long waits, from the comfort of (their) own home.” With over 950 trusted practitioners to choose from, Inkblot has become a referral option for over 750 physicians, and provides mental health services to over 1 million employees. They are truly reimagining the mental health industry.

Are you looking to accept payments online for your mental health company?

Selecting HIPAA-compliant payment solutions for therapists can be challenging. At Solvit, we are committed towards providing the most secure, dependable payments software available to help ensure the safety of your patients’ information. While that is only part of the equation for running a virtual mental health company, it is a critically important component of a successful online mental health service.

At Solvit, we are promoting these “Solvit Success Stories” with the hopes of helping businesses re-discover the the beautiful will power and resolve of the human race, and to see how businesses are utilizing technology ranging from eCommerce stores to the ability to create a free invoice online to overcome challenges. These businesses are not necessarily partners or merchants that we work with, rather, we were just inspired by their stories and want to share that inspiration with you.

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