Cold Snaps: Build a Free eCommerce Store and Beat the Weather

What does building a free eCommerce store and cold weather have in common? Shopping from home goes hand in hand with chilly winter weather, which means that businesses that leverage eCommerce websites are able to keep customers walking through the door.

Solvit is based out of Whitefish, Montana, deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains just an hour from the Canadian Border. This winter, there were reports of temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit – before wind chill. In this weather, everyone just hunkers down and stays warm. As a result, retail shops have very few visitors, and if they don’t have an eCommerce website for retail sales to keep a point-of-sale truckin’ along, then sales drop with the temperatures.

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Products matter, but in the end, it’s all about increasing your point-of-sale network

If you own a retail business that sells down coats and long underwear, you are going to see an uptick in sales when the weather drops into sub-zero temperatures. That being said, you won’t experience the same bump in sales that your competitors see if they are selling retail products online and you are only selling in person. By neglecting to add an eCommerce website to your point-of-sale-network, you are missing out on potential sales, plain and simple. Even your local customers, bundled up at home around the fire, would love to hop on your website and purchase products and either drive in to pick it up in person or have it shipped locally to their house. Why not build a free eCommerce website with Solvit and start selling your products online?

Solvit eCommerce is a true turnkey eCommerce website platform

What is the biggest obstacle standing between you and building a free eCommerce website? Well the cost to build the site has been taken care of right out of the gates thanks to our free eCommerce option. But for most store owners, if the monthly cost is reasonable, the next biggest challenge is getting your product catalog integrated with the site and taking time to integrate your brand. The big difference is that unlike most of the other eCommerce platforms, Solvit offers the option to have your catalog and brand integrated as part of your subscription package. This way, you can just give us your logo, contact info, basic about info, and product catalog and we will hand you a ready-to-sell eCommerce website complete with payments processing and shipping services.

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