Debit card payment at a dispensary

Customers prefer dispensaries that take debit cards

Dispensaries that take debit cards see increased sales and an increased number of repeat customers when compared to dispensaries that still use cash payments.

Walking into a dispensary and having to deal with ATM lines and fees can be a hassle not only to customers but to businesses too. That’s where we come in, as Montana Cannabis Guild’s Premier Payment Partner, we offer debit card and bank to bank solutions that can help with your businesses growth, and cut down on the cost and nuisance of cash management. With our easy-to-use pin-based debit card terminal you can start accepting debit cards at your dispensary today.

Customer paying with debit card at a dispensary

Why do dispensaries that take debit cards tend to see increased sales?

When customers don’t have to pay those pesky ATM fees at a dispensary they are more willing to purchase more product. Savings at checkout translate to increased sales – typically by as much as 30%.

In addition to increasing sales by accepting debit cards at your dispensary, you will also attract customers who specifically seek to shop at dispensaries that take debit cards. In our research, we found that thousands of customers search for dispensaries that accept debit cards each month. By accepting debit cards, you will come up on the short list of local dispensaries that take debit cards.

Breakdown: how to accept debit cards at your dispensary

How does it work?

Just like a normal debit card transaction you will never have to round, give cash change, or deal with any other unnecessary hassle that comes with using an ATM or cashless ATM. All the customer has to do is pick a product and be rung up at the register where they will swipe or insert their card, enter their pin, and the funds will be transferred to your bank account upon approval.

This also helps your consumers to get out of the extra fee’s from their bank that they run into at ATM’s in addition to the fee paid at your dispensary.

How much does it cost?

Debit card processing for dispensaries is slightly more expensive than standard payment processing fees, and the rates are determined during the application process based on monthly volume. With the option to add a convenience fee however, you can offset the majority of your payment processing fees. Give us a call to discuss pricing options for debit card processing for your dispensary.

Why bother switching?

GROWTH. Dispensaries that use our payment solutions typically see sales increase up to 30%.

As previously mentioned you can add a dollar amount on each transaction to help reduce expenses.

Customers are able to go right up to one of your team members instead of standing at an ATM or being subject to cash shortages which in turn keeps money out of your pocket.

Reduce all cost associated with cash payments like armored truck cash pickups, cash counting, and handling.

Want to learn more? See our debit card solutions here!

Conclusion: Customers prefer dispensaries that take debit cards because it saves them time and money

You might be asking yourself if this is the right move for your dispensary or if you’re able to afford it, but making the move to start taking debit cards at your dispensary doesn’t have to be hard. With Solvit Payments you can start earning more and provide a convenience to your customers they are sure to appreciate.

Start accepting debit cards at your dispensary today

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