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Video Creation, Photography, and Digital Marketing with Missoula Media Company

We are excited to announce our partnership with Missoula Media Company to help our customers establish an effective digital marketing presence. Missoula Media Company, or MMCO, provides a full range of media production services, including video creation, website design, graphic design, photography, branding, and motion graphics. With over 40 years of combined experience in professional media production, MMCO’s founders are able to help your brand elevate your presence and truly tell the story that makes your brand unique.

Video Creation – The Ultimate Rich Media

Video creation and video production provides brands with the ability to express themselves through the most powerful and captivating rich media available. The result? A much more engaged, captivated audience. For this reason, it is no coincidence or surprise that all of the fastest growing brands in the world invest in quality video creation services to help tell their unique story, sell their products and services, and connect with their customers.

Graphic Design – Discover the Visual Nature of Your Brand

Graphic Design encompasses branding services like logo design, print design projects like business card design, even motion graphics projects like video titles. Every great brand needs an effective logo design, an effort that allows you to explore the true nature of your brand and create a beacon that emanates your brand’s essence. The process also serves as an important branding exercise, which is why it is so important to pick a logo designer that collaborates with your company directly. With the amount of work that you will put into building your company, why would you want to come up short on the singular symbol that connects your customers to your brand?

Website Design and Development – Give Your Brand the Means to Connect

Do you really need a custom website design in 2022? Absolutely. Consider that Missoula Media Company recently improved the conversion rate of one of their customer’s websites by 600% by designing a new website from scratch. MMCO always starts each website design with a UX/UI design, which allows you to organize the structure of your site and map out ways to funnel your users to key content. From there, they create mockups that depict your new website on mobile and desktop devices, and when an approved design is selected, they build it into a working website. Every website they develop is highly optimized and built to perform well on every level, every device, and every modern browser.4

Want to hire Missoula Media Company for your upcoming media production project?

Our partners at MMCO love working with Solvit clients, and we have a deeply integrated working relationship that allows us to collaborate on integrating Solvit’s payment solutions into their eCommerce sites, applications, and more. By hiring MMCO, you are getting an experienced, effective partner in media production. If you work with both Solvit and MMCO, we can coordinate all of your marketing efforts with your payments solutions, helping to ensure that you are selling your products and services efficiently and effectively.

New Solvit Website Launched!

We are excite to announce that, a merchant services site selling eCommerce, digital invoicing, credit card terminals, and payment processing is now live. Our new site makes it easy for visitors and customers to easily access information about our products and services, create and manage their account, and get in touch with our sales and support teams with ease. Check out some information about our product line below:

Solvit eCommerce

Solvit eCommerce is built from the ground up to offer a complete, turnkey eCommerce option for business owners who are looking to start selling online quickly and efficiently, while providing a robust shopping experience for customers. Most eCommerce platforms ship as a configurable product, leaving the business owner stuck solving routine eCommerce challenges on their own, but Solvit eCommerce ships as a ready-to-sell turnkey online store.

Solvit Invoicing

In today’s business world, offering digital invoicing is a must. Unlike many invoicing solutions on the market, Solvit Invoicing is built to be easy to use and focused on the primary goal – quickly creating and submitting invoices so that you can get paid electronically in minutes. Solvit Invoicing also offers PCI-compliant credit card storage, so that you can keep card information on file for returning customers. It is perfect for freelancers, contractors, wellness practitioners, hair stylists, and more.

Solvit Smart Terminal

The Solvit Smart Terminal is a modern touchscreen payments terminal with wireless and 4G-LTE connectivity, a built-in receipt printer, and a variety of built-in and optional payment methods. Take payments at the counter, on the road, or at the table using the a chip reader, contactless, ApplePay, and GooglePay payment options.

Beyond these three flagship products, Solvit will also be announcing the launch of our surcharging platform, self-order kiosks, and other business tools design to modernize your business platform overnight. To speak with our sales team about our product offerings and how we can custom-tailor a solution package for your business, visit our contact page!