Who We Are

Solvit Payments provides the most cutting edge payment processing technologies for the modern business. Whether in-store, online, or on the go, Solvit has curated an array of technology that allows our clients to operate more efficiently and get paid faster. Solvit prides itself on supporting relationships through adding value and making typical business processes a better experience. We work with each of our clients on a personal level to understand their needs and deliver solutions that will make their lives easier. In short, Solvit is about solutions.

Meet Our Founders

Dillon Nitopi
Product Director | Co-founder

Dillon brings a wealth of experience from the payments industry through working in various roles over his career spanning 12+
years and three continents (North America, Europe, and South America). Through this experience and the connections he’s made, Dillon is able to help Solvit stay on the cutting edge to provide industry leading solutions and efficiently bring those to market to help our sales partners better serve our mutual clients. Dillon is passionate about life, loves spending time being active and learning new skills.

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Merritt Lentz
Marketing Director | Co-Founder

Merritt is a developer, graphic designer, and digital marketer by trade who combines over a decade of experience in digital marketing with six years of experience in the payments industry to provide technical solutions for Solvit. Merritt has created dynamic payments applications, scalable CRM solutions, and digital marketing materials to elevate Solvit’s ISO game beyond that of your standard sales organization. If there is a need for a better solution, Merritt can design it, build it, and market it. In his free time, you can find Merritt riding his mountain bike and backcountry skiing, often with his dog/sidekick, Karuuk.

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Our Partners

At Solvit, we believe that good business is about great relationships. We partner with a variety of forward-thinking companies and individuals, including software developers, sales agents, hardware manufacturers, and payment processors, to help bring you the best solutions in payments.

Our partners essentially can be categorized into two, non-exclusive groups: Service Providers and Sales Partners.

Service Providers

Service Providers include developers, hardware manufacturers, and payments processors who are looking to work with Solvit to help sell their product.

Sales Partners

Sales Partners are independent sales agents, software developers, and referral partners who are looking to refer merchants to Solvit while earning revenue in the process.

Request more information about partnering with Solvit below:

We are constantly looking to expand our partner network, so be sure to let us know if you are interested in learning about becoming a partner with Solvit!